It has been an honour to represent you for the past five years as MHK for Garff.

Having lived at the heart of the constituency for 25 years with my husband Chris and our two children, who now attend Ramsey Grammar School, I have sought to put the issues that matter to you at the forefront of all that I have done locally and in Tynwald.

I care passionately about the future of our island and have been actively working at local and national level to press for positive changes to benefit residents of Garff and the wider island.

My vision is for the Isle of Man to become a beacon of sustainable living, with affordable homes and increased environmental awareness. A place that harnesses a variety of renewable energy generation and becomes a centre of educational excellence, attracting graduates to return and study here. A place with exciting varied job opportunities, where entertainment and outdoor activities abound, and with fair taxation supporting services for the most vulnerable and removing inequalities from the youngest to the elderly.

If elected I pledge to work for a positive future for all the residents of Garff and the Isle of Man adhering to the principles of fairness, openness and security outlined in my manifesto for the benefit of the whole community.
Hopefully my track record in Tynwald and the constituency, working with and responding to the concerns of the community, demonstrates my strong commitment to you.

Full details of my policy priorities for the next five years can be found in my 2021 manifesto – available here. Copies are scheduled to be delivered to every home in the Garff constituency by mid-September. You can see what I hope to achieve in future in the manifesto for 2021 and compare my work over the past five years with what I said I would do when I first stood for election in 2016.

Please contact me if for any reason you do not receive a copy, or if would like it in a more accessible format – Braille, audio or large print.

Polling day for the House of Keys General Election is Thursday 23 September 2021 from 8am to 8pm. Please take time to vote. I would be grateful if you would give me one of your two votes to continue working hard for a positive future for our community and the Isle of Man.

Very best wishes