On 1 October 2019 more than 100mm of rain fell on the Laxey Valley. I have spoken with several residents whose property has been flooded; also contacted by many seeking to pass on concerns or information to prevent future flooding. The Chief Minister has announced an independent review will take place. As soon as details of that review are made public I will add them here and send through information I have received.

The announcement about an independent review came during lengthy questioning in Tynwald. You can see the full statement and Tynwald questions here:

Advice for flood victims

The Association of British Insurers has advice on recovering from major floods, including what households and businesses can expect from their insurers and what other actions they should consider taking.

Please see the links below to their online advice for people who have been flooded:




Hard copies of the advice are available in the Tynwald Library, Finch Road, Douglas.